Book: Get The Picture

Get The Picture is a cooperative consisting of photographers Simon Paul Kossoff, Harvey Benge, Pascal Fellonneau, Nicolas Hosteing, Paul Kwiatkowski, Damien Lafargue, Loïc Le Loët, and Philippe Taris.

They just released their first book, Get The Picture and it features a nice selection from six members of the group.  As I’ve written before, I think there’s great potential for collectives and cooperatives on the web, especially when it comes to group projects, such as books and zines.  Get The Picture is a great example.

Get The Picture Book:

60 pages, 26 X 21cm, soft cover, color print

  • Harvey Benge
  • Pascal Fellonneau
  • Simon Kossoff
  • Paul Kwiatkowski
  • Damien Lafargue
  • Philippe Taris
  • Order here and take a look at the lpv feature on Simon Kossoff’s work.