Book: Continental Bounce by Magda Biernat


Continental Bounce is a collection of photographs taken during Magda Biernat’s recent one year, around the world journey. Together with her husband Ian, she traveled across three continents, Africa, Asia and Oceania visiting a cross section of diverse cultures.

In this selection of photos, Biernat has found common patterns that emerge in the variety of textural landscapes through which they traveled. She explores beyond the famous icons in tourist brochures into the homes and lives of the people whom they met and were befriended by on their journey. What emerges is a quiet and often intimate reflection of the similarities of lives and landscape around the world.

I attended an interesting presentation of this work at Half King in Chelsea last night.  There was a slideshow that traced the journey and several humorous and interesting anecdotes deftly told by Ian.  The work is far more nuanced than your typical travel photography, which you would expect after browsing Magda’s work.  She admits being more comfortable shooting architecture but on this trip she found herself shooting a good number of portraits of people they encountered along the way.

The entire work and collaboration is impressive and worth spending sometime checking out.  There’s a wonderful website that chronicles the entire journey.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly “10% of book and print sales will go towards construction of a new well in Olosho-Oiber, a Maasai village in Rift Valley, Kenya.”  According to Magda and Ian, the circumstances in Kenya are rather dire due to a devastating drought, so you’ll not only be purchasing a great book, but you’ll be helping out at great cause.  I’m sure Madga and Ian would appreciate spreading the word as well.


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Hazard County Illustration – Ian Webster
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All photographs© Magda Biernat