Barbara van Schaik – Arboretum

Photographs ©Barbara van Schaik

I’m a sucker for photographs of trees and I’m guessing I’m probably not the only one. I’m considering starting a new feature that will focus on trees, conservation and wildlife. What do you think?

I enjoyed browsing through Barbara van Schaik’s ‘Arboretum’ project. Here’s what she has to say about it.

My Arboretum series started totally unplanned. On a Sunday afternoon early 2009 I somehow ended up walking in Vondelpark, the large park in central Amsterdam. There I suddenly discovered trees. As if I had never seen trees before. So a period started where I would deliberately go out to find trees or they just crossed my path (they are pretty much everywhere). As I prefer the city landscape in general, the trees that caught my eye were usually the ones that are surrounded by concrete, brick and asphalt, or shaped by human intervention. And living in The Netherlands, where even wild nature is strictly regulated and cultivated, there are plenty of such trees around. During 2010 my tree hunting efforts slowed down considerably, for various reasons. But as my slogan for the series says “a collection of trees…will grow over time…slowly but surely”, there is still plenty of scope for expansion of the series. Trees are very patient.

Issue #1