Banana Leaves



Edited by Christopher Schreck

Christopher Schreck’s Tumblr, Banana Leaves, is one of my favorites so I asked him if he’d be interested in creating a feature for LPV. What he came up with feels pretty representative of what you might come upon on any given day.

You can view his personal work on Flickr.

Credits – Starting from the top

Girl, red fingernails: Frank Correa
Three guys on benches: Adam Bartos
Turban: Zhengdong Xu
Plants, car, arms: Melanie Bonajo
BW, arms over head: Andrew Laumann
Flower, glasses, man: Kerry James Marshall
Hole in stone: Fanny Schlichter
Fire, branches: Joe Nigel Coleman
Pink dots: Letha Wilson
Back, bug bites: Maciek Pozoga
Skull, patterned sheet: Bobby Doherty
Orange over leaves: Jennilee Marigomen
Car in tree: Silvia von Grafenstein
Installation, paintings: Dan Rees
Hairy back: Mona Hatoum
BW, lines, corner: John Divola
Man passed out: Boris Mikhailov
Girl, lighter, tongue: Tim Barber
Guy on tree stump: Eye Age
BW splatter: Arthur Ou
BW arrested guy: Leonard Freed
Orange, multiple hands: Wallace Berman
Semina Magazine (ed. Wallace Berman)
Silhouette looking out: Samuel Hodge
Flood, landscape, houses: Casper Balslev
Bag over green landscape: Sasha Kurmaz
Light streak hitting guy: Malcolm Elijah
Green plant, desert: Rachel Sussman
Palm tree, rainbow: Jason Frank Rothenberg
Girl, rainbow: Cody Chandler
Black finger: Charlie Engman
Candle: Todd Jordan
Woman, colorful dress: Viviane Sassen
Holding a skull: Jeremie Egry
Portrait girl under tree: Olga Perevalova
Green, black lines, purple: Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky
Woman spraying green circle: Michael Snow
Bulging green, trees: Harold Diaz
Sculpture, nude: Paul Outerbridge
Color projecting: Paul Sharits
Hand, flower: Daniel Shea