August, 2010 Show #1 – “I don’t like nostalgia unless it’s mine”

©Roberto Cicchinè

“I don’t like nostalgia unless it’s mine.” – Lou Reed

For the final monthly show I invited the three friends who helped me start LPV to do the edit. I’m very grateful to Ludmilla Morais, Raoul Gatepin and James Hendrick for all the work they did at the beginning and for taking the time to edit the last month.  And as it turns out, they each developed their own edits from the pool of submissions. I feel each is distinct and demonstrates their sensibilities rather accurately.  I’ll be rolling the edits over the course of the week. First up is the edit from Raoul.  Enjoy.

Edited by Raoul Gatepin

Photographers: Ry Nokins, thisisp, Eliot Shepard, Jared Iorio, N. Shresha, Laura Rodari, Pierre Wayser, Roberto Cicchinè, Søren Larsen, Sreten Vuletic, James Luckett, diadà, David Inglesfield, Adam Chidell, Bez Uma

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