August, 2009 Show – Kill all your darlings

©Ben Roberts

Edited by John Goldsmith, Greg Flanders & Kramer O’Neil

Contributors: Furrukh Kahn, Laura Ilyina, Adam Smith, Kate Kirkwood, Ben Roberts, Laura Coulson, Fermin Guzman, Milica Amidzic, Ben Andersen, Chris Chan, Regina van der Kloet, Martin Nicholls, Alice Rose Beasley Jorge HernándezMarja Skotheim Folde, Jay Divinagracia, Nicola Mazzuia, Matt Robinson, Laura Rodari Arturo Quintanal, Rafael Alcacer, Marcelo Montecino, Erik Neufurth, Raoul Gatepin

We had three editors this month. Collectively they edited the submissions as they came in, then each made an edit. They didn’t collaborate on these edits and have not seen each others versions until now.  In the tradition of Roshomon, we present you the following three perspectives on the August show, ‘Kill all your darlings.’

Editor #1

Editor #2

Editor #3