Antonio Guerra – And your dream?

¿Y tu sueño? ( And your Dream?) investigates the relationship between individuals and the environment, focusing on a differents groups of families and people living in the village of Matavenero, ecovillage located on the mountainside at 1,000 m. altitude, in Spain.

The people live in harmony and close contact with nature. Its habitants, very different from each other, trying to live disconnected from society, in a completely organic life, based on the exploitation of natural resources. His personal convictions led them to live in an alternative way, far from urban areas, in a completely organic life.

¿Y tu sueño? establishes a relationship between subjects and their habitat, which is the extension of their lifestyle and proposes a different way of thinking and living. I am interested in the relationship between people and their homes and how they adapt to the environment in order to ally with him.

  • Blake

    Great photos. They remind me of my own childhood.