Altered States of Agoraphobia #7 – Here is the root

“For what do people mean, finally, when they say ‘It’s a small world after all…’? Here is the root of human loneliness, to be lost in the too-huge world that is swallowing us all each passing moment.” – Town and City by Jack Kerouac


Edited by Simon Kossoff

All images sourced from Altered States of Agoraphobia.

©Andrea Brandtner

©Furrukh Khan

©Patrick Joust

©Brian Y

©Ben Longland

©Jeff James

©Steven Brooks

©Ryan Halliwill

©alex matzke

©Chelsea Von Peacock

©Jan Cieslikiewicz

©Ian Borthwick

  • Sblackstone11

    A strangely incoherent edit–some are strong, many are more boring than the subtle ennui they try to imply without actually showing. Fail.