Altered States of Agoraphobia #5 – Side by Side, Unconnected

©James S Patterson

Equality places men side by side, unconnected by any common tie; despot­ism raises barriers to keep them asunder: the former predisposes them not to con­sider their fellow-creatures, the latter makes general indifference a sort of public virtue. – Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Edited by Emily Raw

All images sourced from Altered States of Agoraphobia.

©Alexis Gerard

©Jim Hart

©Simon Kossoff

©Jan Cieslikiewicz

©Brian Soko

©Justin Vogel

©Greg Hanten

©Ronny Perry

©Missy Prince


©Alexis Gerard

©Andrew Wertz

©Andy Kochanowski

©Jack David Hubbell

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