Altered States of Agoraphobia #3 – Mirrors and Windows

©Delaney Allen

Edited by Don Hudson
ASA on Flickr

…but in terms of their conceptions of what a photograph is: is it a mirror, reflecting a portrait of the artist who made it, or a window, through which one might better know the world? – John Szarkowski from Mirrors and Windows

©Aaron Graham

©Graham Hamby

©Ronny Perry

©Alan W. George

©B.S. Wise

Pretend you’re a spy for the country of your own mind. – Jim Harrison from Off to the Side

©Simon Kossoff

©Devin Yalkin

©Alex JD Smith

©Crotch Fire

©Robert Bender

©Missy Prince

  • Sonia Adam Murray

    Very interesting work Simon I am enjoying following as you continue!