Altered States of Agoraphobia #2 – The American

©Jonathan Young

The Altered States of Agoraphobia is a psychological, geographical and cultural investigation into the United States of America today by what I call its ‘Resident Aliens’. It is a contemporary photographic exploration into both the psyche of the artist and also a document of the world in which he or she inhabits and the forces acting on both.

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©Alan W George


“So I wasn’t dreaming, after all,” she said to herself, “unless—unless we’re all part of the same dream. Only I do hope it’s my dream, and not the Red King’s! I don’t like belonging to another person’s dream. I’ve a great mind to go and wake him, and see what happens! ”

– ‘Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There’ (1871) By Lewis Carroll.

©Andrew Wertz

©Marko Mihailovich

©Jeff James

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