3.22 – Joe Aguirre


In this episode, we are joined by photographer Joe Aguirre to discuss his first visit to New York, his trip to Denmark, making zines, shooting nudes, the photo hustle in San Francisco, connecting with a niche audience and several brilliant books and zines!

I met Joe through mutual friends on Facebook, and admire how he has connected with other like-minded photographers, as well as his ability to build a niche audience for his work. After knowing him primarily through a Facebook group, it was nice to chat with him in person and learn more about his photography. He’s one of those photographers always looking to connect with others and share his passion for photography.

“Joe Aguirre uses his photography not only to provide commentary on places he has traveled, but also to illustrate his own story. He draws on multiple techniques to project his perception of the surroundings within his daily life. Joe currently resides in San Francisco, CA with his savannah cat, Icarus.”

Photobooks Discussed

Executive Producer / Host Bryan Formhals

Executive Producer / Audio Engineer / Music  Tom Starkweather

Co-Host / Producer / Photographer Brett A. Davis

Recorded at June 3rd, 2016 at Stockholm Studios in Bushwick, Brooklyn 

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