3.14 – M. Scott Brauer


In this episode, photographer M. Scott Brauer joins us to discuss his latest project about the New Hampshire primary called ‘This is the worst party I’ve ever been to,’ blogging about photojournalism at dvafoto, living and photographing in China, as well two brilliant books.

dvafoto launched around the same time I started the first incarnation of LPV, which was around the time social media started to take off. There was a small group of bloggers that I followed and dvafoto was one of them. They were very active back then and would write about issues and controversies in the photojournalism community. I also featured Scott’s portrait project We Chinese on LPV so his work has been on my radar for many years. Yet again, another instance where I was finally able to meet someone I’d known online for several years.

For the photobook segment, we discussed Will Steacy’s brilliant Deadline, and My America by Christopher Morris.

Thanks, once again to Brett A. Davis for joining us for the conversation and making some memorable photographs.

M. Scott Brauer was born 1982, Landstuhl, Germany, to American parents. Grew up in various locations in the US, but Montana is home. Currently based in Boston, Massachusetts. Graduated with honors from the University of Washington with dual degrees in philosophy and Russian literature and language in 2005. Interned at Black Star and VII New York in 2005. Worked for daily newspapers in 2006 and 2007: the Northwest Herald in suburban Chicago, and the Flint Journal in Flint, Michigan. Moved to China in 2007, back to the US in 2010. Periodic trips to Russia, China, and Montana.

Co-founder and editor of the photojournalism blog dvafoto.

To view the book spreads and behind the scenes photos, visit blog.lpvshow.com 

Recorded April 1st, 2016 at Stockholm Studios in Bushwick, Brooklyn

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